Internet Policy

the Washington Township Public Library is providing access to the Internet to enhance the information and learning for the citizens of the service area. The Board of Trustees has established the Internet user policy for the appropriate use of this resource.

Access to the Internet is available to all patrons. This can be restricted at any time for use not within the guidelines.

Patrons of minor children must assume responsibility for their children’s use of the library’s Internet service.

All users must sign the log-in chart prior to using the Internet.

The Library connot protect users from offensive information, and is not responsible for the availability and accuracy of information found on the internet.

The use of Internet and e-mail is not guaranteed to be private.

Patrons are prohibited from vewing materials that are legally obscene, contain pronography, or are harmful to minors.

Users may use the Internet for research and information and for educational, recreational, vocational, and cultural needs.

Users shall not cause damage to computer equipment, programs or parameters.

Users may use e-mail as long as they use a free e-mail service.

Each patron may use the computers for 30 minute sessions on a first come first served basis if no patron is waiting to use the computer then the patron may use the computer longer.

Patrons will respect and uphold copyright laws, and all other applicable laws and regulations: they will not use the Internet for illegal purposes.

A printer is available at the cost of .25 cents per sheet and must be paid for at the conclusion of the session.

The library provides fax service at  no charge for local and toll free numbers. $1.00 per page for long disstance calls is charged.

The copy machine is available for .15 cents per page.

Adopted August 27,2012

By the Board of Trustees